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Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your yard healthy and beautiful. At Cole World Lawn Care, we offer push mowing services exclusively. Why? We care about your lawn. Push mowing equipment weighs less than commercial sit-down mowers. Walk-behind mowers are also safer and don’t cause rutting in your turf.

We found that most of our customers love these benefits which is why our company offers push mow only.

You can choose to mow weekly, bi-weekly, or every 10-days to keep your lawn looking great. We keep records of the height you want the lawn and tailor our services to fit your needs.

From the middle of March through November, your lawn is actively growing. Our company provides mowing services that keep your yard at its healthiest and looking great all year long. We also remove any grass clippings from your driveway, walkways, and other hardscaping elements before we leave.

Be sure to check out our full mowing package which includes weed eating and edging!

At Cole World Lawn Care, we work harder so you don’t have to! With our expert knowledge of lawn care and commercial-grade equipment, your yard will be professionally maintained all year long. 


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