Flower Bed Cleanup


Flower Bed Cleanup


    Let us help plan out your flower bed for the best coverage and bang for your buck.



    We’ll insure all is prepared beforehand. Cleaning off the designated area of any existing weeds, debris and large rocks; Install the edging so it overlaps at each joint, secure in place; Installing the landscaping fabric, etc.



    Flower beds can be in any shape and size. The more variety you have in your yard with sizes and colors the better!

Flower beds that are well prepared can give your property a great facelift. We ensure that flower beds promote good drainage by having the proper mixture of topsoil and compost. This also provides the plants with the nutrients needed. The beauty of flowering plants gives every garden a touch of color and natural charm.

There are several basic steps that you can follow in preparing and designing flower beds. Cole World Lawn Care will help ensure that you create a flower bed that’s effective, appropriate, beautiful and last the entire growing season.

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